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NATA Resourcing

Web Design


NATA Resourcing is a specialised IT recruitment agency set up by husband and wife team, Matt and Lory.

The brief

The client’s website and logo were tired, dated and no longer fit for purpose. They wanted a professional online presence that reflected their personality and the high-profile clients they partner.

What we did

After an initial meeting, the client gave us creative freedom to develop their logo and site based on our interpretation of what they wanted and needed.

The logo was carefully tailored, with a graphic representing them both in communication, and we introduced the modern font ‘Uni Neue’ for the text. These combined elements, satisfied the corporate sector while not being generic or boring – it’s to the point and celebrates being a small business.

As the site was relatively simple with little imagery, we decided to animate the logo on the homepage to make it more visually exciting and dynamic.

We steered this project but, of course, sought approval at every stage, taking on board comments and amending accordingly. This approach enabled a fast turnaround and enriched the end result, which surpassed the clients’ expectations.


Lory and I had heard good things about Hooked from another business owner.
He undersold them!
These guys are fantastic.
They actively listened, suggested form layout and colour when we felt unsure we went back and explored fresh ideas together.
They care deeply that you are happy with the end product.
Review our website, see for yourself.

Matt Harding | Director NATA Resourcing